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  • Barakwon Enterprise

    Ground floor no.3 jalan eco ardence D U12/36D Eco ardence seksyen U12shah alam 40170 Selangor 40170 Selangor Shah Alam
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    Start From RM 168.00

    Hydrating,Purifying,Shoothing Facial hydrating face
    60 mins RM 202.00 RM 168.00
    Colourful Shine Facial Treatment Colourful Shine Facial Treatment
    90 mins RM 346.00 RM 288.00
    90 mins RM 346.00 RM 288.00
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  • Nature Skin Wellness Beauty Care

    1st floor, 97-1, Jalan BK 5a/2, Bandar Kinrara 5, 47180 Puchong, Selangor 47180 Selangor puchong
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    Start From RM 68.00

    Happy hour HAPPY HOUR is an intimate treatment room. The speak-easy entrance and calm surroundings encourage clients to fully let go during their skin-care retreat. The aromas gently reduce stress providing our clients a safe space to relax and ESCAPE REALITY FOR THE SELF-CARE THEY DESERVE. This treatment only available for FIRST trial,kindly make appoiment before walk in-012 770 6819
    120 mins RM 82.00 RM 68.00
    hypo o2 facial treatment The oxygen infusion facial is an innovative facial treatment that uses a wand-like compression device to deliver high-pressurized oxygen to the skin to plump it up. It’s non-invasive and non-medical because it doesn’t involve injectables or applying chemical acids on the skin.kindly make appoiment before walk in-012 770 6819
    15 mins RM 118.00 RM 98.00
    amotheraphy relaxing spa An aromatherapy massage consists of two individual practices that come together to provide you with the ultimate benefits. First is aromatherapy which is a specific type of therapy that uses essential oils. The oils are diluted and then applied to the skin or inhaled. Different combinations of essential oils can be used for healing and relaxation purposes. Their effects can also be felt when the oils are inhaled after exposure to them. They can often be used in a diffuser for further exposure. The sec
    15 mins RM 202.00 RM 168.00
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  • Dr i Polaris

    E-02-10,Sunway GEO Avenue Block E ,Jalan Lagoon Selatan, 47810 Selangor Bandar Sunway
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    I SPA Facial Treatment 艾灸 养生 美容 护肤疗法 艾灸的美容与一般的化妆品美容,手术美容是两个不同的概念,一个是本质上的,另一个是表面上的。化妆品可以掩饰你的不足,手术可以改造你的结
    30 mins RM 155.00 RM 129.00
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  • ESL Image

    No 1-18 Amaya Maluri Jalan Jejaka 2,Taman Maluri 55100 Kuala Lumpur Taman Maluri
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    Start From RM 3,999.00

    ESL Face Lifting面部疗程(3次) Face Lifting
    60 mins RM 4799.00 RM 3999.00
    Private Part私密呵护 一个疗程(2次) Women Private Part
    60 mins RM 7199.00 RM 5999.00
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  • Mira Clinic

    Block A-G-06 Jalan PJU 1A/7,Oasis Damansara Ara Damansara 47301 Selangor Petaling Jaya
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    Start From RM 1,800.00

    Full Face Lift Lifting
    60 mins RM 5760.00 RM 4800.00
    Under Arm Tightening Under Arm Tightening
    90 mins RM 5760.00 RM 4800.00
    Tummy Tightening Tummy Tightening
    90 mins RM 6480.00 RM 5400.00
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  • Eliss Scent Garden

    Lot 65-1-13, Fadason Business Centre, Jln 1/17 off Jln Kepong, Taman Fadason, 52000 Kuala Lumpur. 52000 Kuala Lumpur kepong
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    Start From RM 250.00

    Holistic Aromatherapy Facial #芳香療法 #養顏養身養心 #全天然玫瑰精油護肤品 #逆龄抗氧修复细胞 #保濕滋潤美白
    120 mins RM 300.00 RM 250.00
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  • luminous skin beauty & soul

    2-1-22,Tingkat Mahsuri 5, 11900 bayan lepas, Penang. 11900 Pulau Pinang bayan lepas
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    Start From RM 109.00

    CALENDULA PURIFYING ESSENCE (30ML) Calendula is the one of best natural acne treatment options. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of calendula is essential in acne treatment. Studies showed that it has antimicrobial elements that stop the development of bacterial strains, while its antibacterial properties destroy the bacteria clogged in the skin pores. Calendula contains many nutrients and vitamins which improve metabolic processes in the skin and give healing properties. Calendula can contribute to the production of collagen
    0 mins RM 131.00 RM 109.00
    M22 Laser Skin M22 OPT Technology is a breakthrough that can correct a variety of benign skin condition,such as facial skin imperfections *Age Spots *Fine Line *Skin Rejuvenation *Pigmentation Concern *Redness *Vascular Lesions *Scars *Freckle *Ance and Ance Scaring *Skin Resurfacing *Dull Complexion *Broken Capillaries *Uneven Skin Tone *Unwanted Hair
    60 mins RM 310.00 RM 258.00
    OXYboost Energizing Facial Treatment ( 1st Trial ) *Double Cleanse *Exfoliation *Extraction *Eyebrow Shaping *Face Massage *Oxyboost Therapy 1 *Oxyboost Therapy 2 *Rose Petals Mask *Shoulder Massage *Aromatherapy Pressure Point *Rose Soft Mask *Skin Care Application
    90 mins RM 155.00 RM 129.00
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  • Face Grow Beauty

    No 80A Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi TTDI Kuala Lumpur 6000 Kuala Lumpur TTDI
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    Start From RM 188.00

    Hifu Face Lift Hifu Face Lift Normal Price RM 3888 ,Now 1st Trial RM 999
    60 mins RM 3888.00 RM 999.00
    Carbon Laser + Facial Carbon Laser
    60 mins RM 788.00 RM 188.00
    RF Skin Tightening + Facial RF Skin Tightening + Facial
    150 mins RM 588.00 RM 188.00
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  • Miracle Lash & Beauty House

    No 18M Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23C Pandan Indah 55100 Kuala Lumpur Pandan Indah
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    Start From RM 38.00

    Full Bikini Waxing Full Bikini Waxing
    60 mins RM 228.00 RM 168.00
    Full Bikini Waxing Full Bikini Waxing
    60 mins RM 198.00 RM 128.00
    Full Led Waxing Full Leg Waxing
    60 mins RM 198.00 RM 168.00
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  • Loxgens Beauty

    7G Jalan Radin Bagus 9 Sri Petaling 57000 Kuala Lumpur Sri Petaling
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    Start From RM 68.00

    Aqua Peel Treatment *Deep Cleansing increase oxygen in skin and blood, exfoliate skin *Promotes blood circulation, repair cells, delays skin aging, tightening and wrinkling 1st Trial RM 138 Non First Trial RM 214 Original Prices RM 238
    60 mins RM 238.00 RM 138.00
    Intestinal Purifying Treatment ( Female Only ) *Helps to decompose intestinal waste and toxins by using ceramic Fu Yang Guan with essential oil *Promotes peristalsis and takes care of Intestinal 1st Trial RM 98 Non First Trial Rm 198 Original Prices RM 220
    30 mins RM 220.00 RM 98.00
    Infrared Treatment ( Female Only ) *Increasing Circulation between blood and tissue cells and protecting cells from damage *Elimination of toxins, and flushing out of cellular debris enhance overall skin health 1st Trial RM 68 Non First Trial RM 162 Original Prices RM 180
    30 mins RM 180.00 RM 68.00
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