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  • Sense Embroidery Sdn Bhd ( Penang )

    No 11-1 Jalan Sentral Jaya Pusat Perniagaan Sentral Jaya 14000 Pulau Pinang Bukit Mertajam
    0.0 (0) 0 sold
    Start From RM 688.00

    Smoky Brow Embroidery
    60 mins RM 826.00 RM 688.00
    Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery
    60 mins RM 946.00 RM 788.00
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  • Spinelite Osteo Theraphy Centre

    7, 1st floor, lorong tanjung jaya, taman tanjung jaya, 12200 Butterworth,Penang 12200 Pulau Pinang butterworth
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    Start From RM 60.00

    facial aesthetic needling facial aesthetic needling
    120 mins RM 499.00 RM 250.00
    facial restructure facial restructure
    120 mins RM 499.00 RM 250.00
    pelvic restucture pelvic restucture
    120 mins RM 399.00 RM 150.00
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  • Clover Make-up and Beauty Academy

    No 18G ,Jln Keruing,Kawasan Perniagaan Simpang Ampat, 14100 Simpang Ampat 14100 Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia 14100 Pulau Pinang Simpang
    0.0 (0) 0 sold
    Start From RM 300.00

    All Occasions Makeup Price may accordingly after consultation
    135 mins RM 360.00 RM 300.00
    Personal Image Makeup Course all price accordingly after consultation
    135 mins RM 960.00 RM 800.00
    Professional MakeUp Artist Full Course All price accordingly after consultation
    135 mins RM 1800.00 RM 1500.00
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  • luminous skin beauty & soul

    2-1-22,Tingkat Mahsuri 5, 11900 bayan lepas, Penang. 11900 Pulau Pinang bayan lepas
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    Start From RM 109.00

    CALENDULA PURIFYING ESSENCE (30ML) Calendula is the one of best natural acne treatment options. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of calendula is essential in acne treatment. Studies showed that it has antimicrobial elements that stop the development of bacterial strains, while its antibacterial properties destroy the bacteria clogged in the skin pores. Calendula contains many nutrients and vitamins which improve metabolic processes in the skin and give healing properties. Calendula can contribute to the production of collagen
    0 mins RM 131.00 RM 109.00
    M22 Laser Skin M22 OPT Technology is a breakthrough that can correct a variety of benign skin condition,such as facial skin imperfections *Age Spots *Fine Line *Skin Rejuvenation *Pigmentation Concern *Redness *Vascular Lesions *Scars *Freckle *Ance and Ance Scaring *Skin Resurfacing *Dull Complexion *Broken Capillaries *Uneven Skin Tone *Unwanted Hair
    60 mins RM 310.00 RM 258.00
    OXYboost Energizing Facial Treatment ( 1st Trial ) *Double Cleanse *Exfoliation *Extraction *Eyebrow Shaping *Face Massage *Oxyboost Therapy 1 *Oxyboost Therapy 2 *Rose Petals Mask *Shoulder Massage *Aromatherapy Pressure Point *Rose Soft Mask *Skin Care Application
    90 mins RM 155.00 RM 129.00
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  • Beauty Forever Hartinna

    22, JALAN KRIAN, 10400 GEORGETOWN PULAU PINANG 10400 Pulau Pinang georgetown
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    Start From RM 888.00

    魔法时空祛皱术 The Magic of Wrinkles Removal 有效改善皱纹 Effectively Improve Wrinkles 眼角纹/鱼尾纹 Canthus/Crows Feet 川字纹 Worry Lines 抬头纹 Forehead Lines ​上半面部小拉皮 Upper Face Lifting(base of consultation)
    1 mins RM 1888.00 RM 1888.00
    轮廓紧致提升术 Contour Lifitng base on consultation 有效改变面部松弛下垂问题 Effectively solve the problem of facial sagging 下颚溶脂 Jowl Lipolysis 婴儿肥 (双腮) Baby Fat (double cheeks) 双下巴溶脂 Double Chin Lipolysis​
    60 mins RM 1388.00 RM 888.00
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