How can you grow your salon business in the era of digital economy?

Partner with Pretti, we'll give you the digital tools to manage and grow your business , as well as converting leads to become your loyal customers.


Attract more clients

Mobile internet has disrupted the traditional business model. It has changed consumer buying behaviour. People buying online is a rising trend. If you want to take advantage in the era of digital economy, you must join Pretti's online beauty booking platform. We believe millions of potential customers are browsing salons on Pretti every month to book their next appointment. We build you a digital shopfront and invest millions in marketing to drive customers to you via our website and app.


Manage your business easily on the go

We know how busy life can be in any salon. With Pretti booking app, it frees up your valuable time for more productive activities. It also reduces your admin workload and automates the essentials.

Pretti enables you to manage your salon, staff and clients anytime anywhere. Our backend gives you total access and control of all bookings, ensuring management efficiency.


Retain clients, increase loyalty

As you know it is not easy to keep customers coming back to your salon. Only satisfied and happy customers will continue the service with you. Pretti provides a Rebate and Review System to all salons. Customers are entitled to a rebate on every purchase and such rewards will keep customers coming back. The Review System allows customers to provide feedback by rating the salons from the aspect of ambience, cleanliness, staff quality and value of service. Valuable information such as these are important for your salon to improve and become more competitive in the marketplace.


24/7 bookings, even when you're closed

Many of the online purchases or bookings happen outside of typical opening hours. There will be times when customers call for bookings and your shop may be closed. This leaves customers no choice but to move on to the next merchant. Sorry to lose your business!

The outcome will be totally different if you manage to convert your shop from offline to online. Customers can book 24/7 even while your shop is closed. Partnering with Pretti will get your shop listed online 24/7, so whenever potential customers are looking online, you're there.